Essential axes of knowledge society and socioformation


Tobón, S. (2017). Essential axes of knowledge society and socioformation. Mount Dora: Kresearch. DOI: 978-1-945721-19-9

Book: Essential axes of knowledge society and socioformation

Sergio Tobon
© 2017 Kresearch Corp.
First edition: 2017
ISBN: 978-1-945721-19-9
DOI: 978-1-945721-19-9

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The knowledge society is the new type of society that has been sought to create around the world in order to overcome the current problems related to global warming, the emergence of new diseases, poverty, hunger, terrorism, violence racism, lack of inclusion and poor quality of life for a large percentage of people in the world. The knowledge society is leading to the transformation of all professions, disciplines and areas, such as health, engineering, education, sociology, anthropology, basic sciences, architecture, among others. This new type of society demands a more interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work, focused on contributing to improve living conditions with support in citizen culture, ethics and information technologies.

The construction of the knowledge society demands research processes that guide the development of new concepts and procedures in the different disciplines and sciences, as well as social changes, transformations in organizations and implementation of strategies that lead to the development of new skills in people , such as collaboration and entrepreneurship. To achieve the knowledge society, one of the alternatives is to develop human talent in people. On this, new approaches and educational models are being created with application in society, in organizations and also in educational institutions, such as connectivism, dialogic pedagogy, complex education and socioformation, among others.

The socioformation is an approach focused on the development of human talent in the community, organizations and training institutions, based on project management and collaborative work so that the different actors are entrepreneurs and contribute to improve living conditions solving the problems of the environment with a global and systemic vision, with support of the communication and information technology.

From the socioformation, a series of concrete strategies are proposed to orient individuals and organizations in the process of transformation towards knowledge, which are characterized by metacognition, the application of the principles of complex thinking, work in community, resolution of problems and the co-construction of the knowledge to face the challenges of the environment.

The purpose of this book is to describe the different axes of the knowledge society and the socioformation in a synthetic way, so that they serve as a general guide to researchers and professionals in different areas for their application in the environment. It is important to complement the ideas presented with the bibliographic material suggested at the end.

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